Domaine Chapuis Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru Blanc 2019

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.The Vineyard: Corton Charlemagne is a grand cru situated on the Corton hill and benefiting from strong sunshine. Its aspect ranges from East to South. Whereas the neighboring plots are planted with pinot noir on clay and limestone, the grapes growing in the Corton Charlemagne area are planted in a layer of sandy soil on top of a bedrock of calcareous marl, which is particularly well-suited to chardonnay.

Grape Variety: chardonnay Appellation: Grand Cru
Location: in the village of Aloxe-Corton

Origin: Corton Charlemagne owes its name to two emperors: Corton is the contraction of Curtis d’Otton, (which means Otto theGreat’s estate in the Frankish language,) Charlemagne (Charles the Great) is the

name of the emperor who owned a small estate in Aloxe, which he donated to the Abbey of Saint Andoche in 775 A.D. His name was later given to the Southwestern part of the hill.

According to a legend, Charlemagne drank the wine of his parcel which was then planted with red cultivars. Unfortunately, he suffered from hand tremors and when he drank his Corton wine, the liquid left stains on his white beard, which irritated his wife, Hildegard. She ended up forbidding him to drink his wine. This is why he decided to plant white cultivars in order to have a bit of peace at home.

Characteristics: Corton Charlemagne is characterized by its strength and its length. Our wines generally reveal citrus, peach, honey and ginger bread aromas. Their bouquet is powerful and complex.

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Tasting: Its hue is brightened by beautiful golden lights. Its nose is delicate, expressive and reveals hints of menthol and linden flowers. In mouth, the touch of white flower is accompanied by vineyard peach aromas. This wine is characterized by its strength. The slight acidity balances the fatness of this Corton Charlemagne. Length, complexity and a good balance are the distinctive mark of this high- quality wine. It has a very good aging potential.

Vintage: 2019 was a hot year. The harvest took place on the 12th of September (whereas we usually start picking around September 25th.) Thus, we picked sound, fully ripe grapes and we obtained very fruity wines which can be served soon.

Aging: Corton Charlemagne may age between 6 and 20 years when kept in good conditions (in a dark, humid, not necessarily underground cellar, shielded from harmful influences such as vibrations. 11°C is considered the ideal temperature but maintaining consistency is what really matters.

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